Washroom Services

In accordance with best procurement practice, EU and UK procurement directives and regulations, KCS, on behalf of the central Buying Consortium (CBC), created and lead on the national framework for the supply of Washroom Services Y19015.

The framework is OJEU compliant and covers the following services:

  • Collection and disposal of Waste: Sanitary waste, nappy and incontinence waste, medical waste.
  • Roller Towels: Installation and provision of roller towels on exchange service.
  • Purchase and Rental of Hand Dryers: Installation, purchase and rental of electric hand dryers.
  • Associated Washroom Services: Air fresheners, sanitising systems, water management, hygiene monitors and vending machines for emergency products.

How to access the agreement?

Via KCS – Contact us with your requirements and we can guide you through the process.

Via Suppliers – Contact the Suppliers, detailed in the User Guide, directly quoting framework Y19015