Going the Extra Mile

Our MFD Sales team recently took a day out of the office, driving the 270 mile round trip from our offices in Kent to Dorset and back to visit Hugh Symons, one of our key technology suppliers. Our mission? To expand our knowledge of the AV/IT market, helping to ensure we continue to offer the very best advice and service to our customers.

Keeping Things Simple

KCS Frameworks: Keeping Things Simple

KCS believe that giving the best value is about more than simply price. It’s about how we can help you work more efficiently, giving you a positive customer experience throughout every step of the procurement process.

The aim of all our frameworks is simplicity: a simple start-up, simple usability, simple servicing and simple finance. Your equipment should never interfere with your day-to-day work; a photocopier is there to create documents, not problems!

Stepping into the future

The world of technology is vast and can be confusing, but KCS will help you identify how your working environment can be improved. Whether you work in education, government, healthcare or elsewhere in the public sector, we have a wealth of knowledge and access to hundreds of products that will assist you in creating a modern, functional space that will simplify the way you work:

Annodata awarded position on the Central Buying Consortium Framework

MSP achieves place on Lot 1 and Lot 5 of local government framework, strengthening its commitment to the public sector.

Managed Services Provider (MSP) Annodata has achieved a position on the Central Buying Consortium (CBC) framework for the supply of Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) & Document Solutions, & Managed Print Service – an accreditation the MSP has retained for a second term. Achieving this position reinforces Annodata’s ongoing commitment to the public sector and confirms the MSP’s place as a trusted advisor for the public sector.

Konica Minolta wins place on CBC Framework Agreement

Konica Minolta wins place on CBC Framework Agreement

Konica Minolta has been re-awarded a position on the Central Buying Consortium (CBC) National Framework Agreement. The company has secured a place as a core provider of Lot 1 - multifunctional devices and document solutions, Lot 4 - print room equipment and Lot 5 - managed print services.

Konica Minolta is one of four suppliers to be awarded a position on the framework, following the completion of the comprehensive tender procurement process adopted by CBC which is based upon the Open Procedure, as detailed in the EU Combined Procurement Directive 2004/18/EC.