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At Sharp, we believe that technology plays a key role in all working and learning environments, not by replacing human interaction, but by enhancing it.

Unprecedented changes to the ways in which we work and learn over the last year are resulting in new approaches to communication and require us all to adapt to new ways of interacting.

Sharp's audio-visual technologies are designed to make communication and education more meaningful in every environment, whether you're video conferencing via Zoom meetings, or juggling in-class and remote students.

Our aim is simple. Make Technology Easy.

From interactive whiteboards to digital signage, full video conferencing solutions to visitor management systems and more, our intuitive solutions can support you in driving productivity, enhancing engagement and enriching communication.

Our experienced and innovative team of Visual Solutions consultants are here to offer advice and guidance on a range of options and functionality to suit all budgets so please feel free to come and talk to us about the challenges you may be facing adapting to the 'new normal'.

  • Did you know?

    With Hive software, your existing lesson plans remain compatible and fully functional for use on BIG PAD.

    With Windows collaboration display you can even monitor office conditions such as meeting occupancy, air quality levels and ambient light to optimise your workspace.

    Sharp is an awarded supplier on the KCS Procurement Services Audio Visual Solutions framework. Access the framework to learn how Sharp can Make Technology Easy for you.

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Making Technology Easy

Making Technology Easy for students and staff with Audio Visual Solutions from Sharp.

Making Technology Easy for schools and organisations with Optimised Visitor Management from Sharp.

Making Technology Easy for teams with Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp.