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Hands, face and space; but what about the air we breathe?

2020 has become a year rocked by COVID-19. Its impact has been widespread and indiscriminate on health, society and organisations. As we enter the winter months, we face new risks.

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We’ve already seen a resurgence in infection rates, swiftly followed by new restrictions including widespread lockdowns, a return to closure for many schools - and with close contact between teachers and students, and interactive learning and play mean germs can spread easily and quickly and lead to viral infections. With the impact of the pandemic already lasting the best part of the year and no clarity on exactly when restrictions will come to an end, action is needed now to ensure schools can continue to operate safely and manage the risks associated with coronavirus.

Protect your students and staff

We’ve all heard the message of ‘hands, face and space’ and these are important aspects in infection control combated by hand washing, masks and social distancing. But what about the air we breathe?

To truly make classrooms safe, we need more than social distancing and increased handwashing. COVID-19 can spread through the air and classrooms are a breeding grounds for germs; with young respiratory systems more susceptible to irritants that can aggravate childhood allergies and asthma.

Over the past few months, many students and teachers have had to switch off their heating systems as its connected to the air conditioning system and could end up circulating infected air. Windows are also being kept open to ensure clean air is circulated resulting in uncomfortable classroom temperatures.

But there is an easier solution! By installing air purification devices in your classrooms, schools can create a learning environment that is safe and comfortable for both students and teachers, preventing the spread of germs.

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    phs Group is the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Spain and Ireland and an awarded supplier on the KCS Washroom Services framework.
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AERAMAX Professional Air Purifiers effectively capture 99.97% of airborne contaminants, including flu viruses, germs, allergens and odours, resulting in clean air and a healthier environment for students, teachers and visitors.

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