What is managed services?

It is the smart, collaborative way to make office printing, copying, scanning, document workflow, collaboration and staff interaction easier, cost effective and far more efficient.

It is a one stop solution to proactively manage assets and obtain efficiently led software solutions covering all aspects of document and content management.

A service may include, but not be limited to; software, hardware, digital mailroom, purchase to pay automation, cloud storage, document workflow management, data security and data loss prevention systems, customer communication management systems and other IP networking services.

KCS Managed Services Framework

We will start by assessing what equipment, software, digital assets and workflow solution you have. We will also work with your staff to understand their individual and team needs, then compile our findings into a detailed report.

The assessment report will include a full cost analysis and reveal any weak spots where quick wins can be made. We will work with you to formulate and implement a plan that will deliver the maximum benefit with minimum disruption. Your bespoke policy will outline the specific requirements of the organisation and the agreed technical solution to best service these in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

You will have appointed to you a qualified project manager who will assume overall responsibility for planning and managing all activities in relation to your project. You will also have a dedicated Account Manager for ongoing support.

Once your new infrastructure is implemented it will be continued to be monitored and any improvements in costs and productivity against the original forecasts will be checked on a regular basis to be used as a continuous roadmap.