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Konica Minolta in Partnership with Central Buying Consortium

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd are proud to be working in partnership with Central Buying Consortium (CBC) framework are a core provider of Lot 1 - Multifunctional Devices & Document Solutions, Lot 4 - Print-room Equipment and Lot 5 - Managed Print Services.

Framework Benefits include:
CBC’s purpose is to improve the effectiveness of local authority purchasing, improving savings in public expenditure for the benefit of its members, benefits include:

  • All suppliers adhere to the SLA documentation, giving customers assurance and smooth running of the individual contract.
  • Regular benchmarking is carried out to ensure the Framework remains competitive throughout
  • Member Counties, meaning no arrangement or networking fees
  • No Finance Lease
  • No increase in rental or copy charges for the length of the contracted primary rental period
  • No minimum billing, you are only billed for the copies you actually produce
  • Rented machines are insured by the supplier (although you should insure against accidental damage, wilful or otherwise)
  • Free of charge resitting of equipment

As an accredited supplier on the CBC framework, you can be assured of guaranteed pricing, full compliance with legislation and excellent customer service.

Konica Minolta in the Public Sector

At Konica Minolta, we have a strong reputation across the public sector, not only for providing award-winning hardware, but also for implementing solutions that enhance productivity and significantly reduce costs, working in partnership with Public Sector Authorities across the UK in streamlining their business processes, saving money and increasing efficiencies.

Reasons to buy from Konica Minolta using the CBC Framework Agreement
We deliver solutions that provide transformational benefits to your organisation, which turn your information into valuable assets. We know what systems work best, how to implement them and how to manage them to meet your specific needs:

  • Secure and protect critical information
  • Enable the seamless capture, storage and management of data
  • Empower employees to work more efficiently and effectively
  • Increase overall productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce printing costs by 30%

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