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What is a framework?

A framework is an agreement with suppliers to establish terms governing contracts that may be awarded during the life of the framework, in accordance with the Public Procurement Regulations 2015. In other words, it is a general term for agreements that set out terms and conditions for making specific purchases (call-offs). It allows our customers to save time and money when they need to purchase goods or services compliantly.

KCS have already vetted the chosen suppliers through the Tender evaluation process, we have made sure that the terms and conditions are designed to protect our customers. Under all of our frameworks customers are allowed to direct award which allows them to save time as well as money as they do not need to go through any lengthy tendering process as KCS have already done the hard work.

All of our frameworks are operated on a national basis and are open to all public sector organisation including but not limited to;

  • Schools and Academies
  • Local Authority Establishments
  • Police and Emergency Services
  • NHS and HSC Bodies
  • Central Government departments and their agencies
  • Registered Charities
  • Housing Associations

Frameworks Coming Soon…..

Procurement Services have many new and exciting frameworks that you will be able to utilise in 2022. Here is a snapshot as to what they will cover.

Framework Description
Vehicle Parts The provision of competitively priced, quality spare parts to allow the repair and maintenance of vehicles including passenger vehicles; HGV’s; municipal vehicles; welfare buses and coaches; fire service vehicles; specialist vehicles.
Building Maintenance and Repair The provision of building maintenance and repairs, including asbestos surveying; CCTV installation; electrical contractors; fire alarm contractors; flooring contractors; general builders; painting contractors and plumbing contractors.
Courier Services The provision and installation of a full range of courier services, associated services and support & maintenance.
Laundry Services The supply of laundry services, including clean linen; clean uniforms; repairs and alterations to linen and uniforms; return to sender laundering service; IT based monitoring systems/RFID tagging for stock control.
Temporary Buildings The supply of temporary buildings and associated services, including temporary modular building supply, cabins, containers etc; site surveys; product design; project planning.
Legal Services The provision of quality legal services to public sector bodies nationwide. Services to include, but not be limited to, dispute resolution and employment, property, corporate and commercial, planning and highways, community care and child protection.