The investment in vehicles is a significant cost for any organisation, managing drivers’ expectations and type of vehicle needed for their role can be challenging. New legislation and a duty of care to employees requires additional measures to be put in place and recorded by an employer.

Our role as your partner will be to support, manage and provide advice that will ensure your requirements and the needs of your drivers are met in full.

We will deliver a fully effective fleet solution with total transparency and visibility for you and your drivers, whilst providing full support, pro-active communication and complete control of the vehicles and costs. We will utilise technology to improve efficiency and provide clear and concise reporting to enable full transparency of your fleet at any time.

KCS Fleet Services Vehicle Managed Services

The cost of running a fleet of vehicles either through lease or outright purchase is a significant investment for the organisation. We believe with our fleet management expertise, knowledge and buying power, we will be in a position to maximise that investment providing you with a solution that will meet your requirements. We will provide:

  • Complete control of your costs, enabling informed choices that will benefit the organisation.
  • We will identify opportunities to standardise vehicle specifications and aggregate volumes to support cost benefits.
  • Costs will be managed through better utilisation and availability of vehicles through proactive management.
  • All services provided will be through a compliant procurement route. Sub-contractors engaged will be monitored by our procurement team through audited review meetings.
  • Full vehicle management for all types of vehicles within your fleet.
  • A dedicated point of contact via telephone and email.
  • Bespoke management information that is clear and concise, to provide greater visibility of fleet structure and spend.

Interested in more than vehicle managed service?

We also provide an array of supplementary fleet operation services including:

  • Telematics
  • Driver training
  • Fleet consultancy
  • Fleet management
  • Fleet audits

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