Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Below are some of the most frequently asked: but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have more!

Please see the Terms & Conditions page.

If a problem cannot be fixed using the normal service procedure, please contact the KCS MFD Team. We will then escalate your issues with the supplier in line with our SLA agreement.

At the end of your contract with KCS, your machine will be collected free of charge by the supplier (subject to notification to the KCS MFD Team), or you can choose to take advantage of discounted rental payments (contact the KCS MFD Team for details).

KCS will only charge you the outstanding rental payments on your contract. Many others will charge you for expected copy volumes as well! If you are terminating because your establishment is closing due to enforced closure or an excessively unreliable machine, your contract may be terminated without penalty.

There is 'no minimum copy volume' arrangement on the KCS contract. If you only use one copy you are only charged for one copy.

KCS contracted suppliers will insure rented equipment against loss or damage. However, the customer is responsible for misuse and abuse of the equipment and so you should cover for this under your insurance.

KCS will liaise with suppliers in order to claim any compensation due to you, should service levels in our contract not be met. You must advise the KCS MFD Team if you are experiencing service problems so we can take appropriate action.

Equipment provided via KCS is rented to the customer. Customers do not sign a Lease Agreement but sign up to our Terms and Conditions of Contract.

KCS rental costs and copy charges are fixed for the life of the contract.

KCS charges the same rate as an A4 copy, even on colour copies.