Electrical Vehicle Charging Points and Associated Services
Driving ahead the green rEVolution

Want to find out how you can meet environment targets, lower running costs and reduce your carbon footprint with EV?

We are proud to introduce our Electrical Vehicle Charging Points and Associated Services framework.

Proudly working with Kent County Council and our awarded suppliers, the EV services accessed via this framework give organisations the chance to be a part of the global carbon emission plan to become carbon neutral whilst improving their local road infrastructure.


Check out the awarded suppliers on our framework:

Do you want to drive ahead your EV strategy?

The Electrical Vehicle and Associated Services framework gives organisations access to global, market-leading suppliers who provide the technology and support to make huge strides towards becoming carbon neutral and improving local, regional and national environmental targets.

Want to access the framework?

There are two ways to do so. You can either contact us and we will advise you based on your requirements or you can go directly to any of the awarded suppliers, quoting framework Y21002.

Transforming organisations for the better, together.