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The last 12 months have changed the face of learning.

National lockdowns have forced schools to close, teachers to teach online and students to adapt to learning in a brand new way. Online lessons have become the norm.

And with change can come uncertainty.

DMS Group has partnered with world market leader in education Promethean® to bring you everything you need to develop skills, confidence and creativity when teaching with Promethean solutions.

It’s not just about the technology

Together, DMS Group and Promethean have created resources to help you better explore the key elements of the hardware and software at your fingertips and learn how easy it is to embed them into learning and teaching, whether at school or using a blended learning methodology.

Get started by downloading them today:

FREE Blended Learning toolkit

FREE Blended Learning Toolkit

FREE online resources from Promethean

FREE Online Resources

Insights, tips and updates for educators in schools

Insights, tips and updates

Want to know what matters most in UK education?

Check out Promethean’s State of Technology in Education Report. Packed full of candid insights, key trends and edtech predictions within the education sector, shining a light on what matters most in UK education.

  • Did you know?

    • 1 in 5 students are currently in school (20%)
    • 5x more students in school than the first UK Lockdown
    • 50% of teachers are in school*

    *data as of 20th January 2021

With that in mind, it’s important to have not only the equipment in place for Blended Learning, but also the skills, confidence and creativity to create dynamic and inspiring lessons that go beyond the walls of the classroom.

  • DMS Group is an awarded supplier on the KCS Procurement Services Audio Visual Solutions framework. Access the framework to start your Blended Learning approach with DMS and Promethean
    Access Audio-Visual Solutions Framework

It’s not just about the technology

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Fulfil your love of teaching and deliver engaging lesson content.

Online Courses

FREE Online Courses
Develop skills, confidence and creativity.