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Spring ahead with KCS Professional Services frameworks

With the UK slowly emerging from lockdown, schools, businesses and public sector organisations are springing back into full flow and looking forward at the year ahead.

Here at KCS Professional Services, we have compiled a list of the top trends continuing to dominate the UK public sector in 2021. Let’s take a look:

  1. Digital growth

    There has been massive growth in digitalisation, with over 2 years of online development being accomplished in less than a year.

    It has taught all of us how effective the new ‘normal’ way of working can be, and how to communicate in our businesses.

    The rapid introduction of evolving technology used across Microsoft Teams and Zoom has helped guide us all in a new direction, whilst saving us valuable time and money.

    Organisations have also sped up their digital transformation strategies to adapt: but what impact has this had on business? With the continuation of online communications, how confident are you that you have the software, systems and security in place?

    We have adopted the solution of Microsoft Teams to communicate meetings between our employees, with easy to use software. Is this solution you have been after?

  2. Working from home

    The immediate introduction of home working has been a steep learning curve for many of us around the world, and with it comes a whole list of positives and negatives.

    A survey by Employment Hero found that 55% of workers state that they prefer the working from home lifestyle they have adopted, with it not only boosting their engagement, but it has also led to a greater surge in online communication and new intuitive ways in which they work.

    My experience of working from home has been positive for my own personal development within my job role, as it has allowed me to develop skills, such as being more independent and intuitive towards my daily tasks and has given me more confidence - in my own skills - to develop further as a marketeer.

  3. Wellbeing of workers

    The wellbeing of employees should be a top priority for all UK organisations.

    Remote working has introduced people to a new way of life. With the lack of a time-sapping commute, workers are realizing that their daily structure could well change to suit them: where a lunch may have consisted of walking to a supermarket and eating at your desk, people are fitting in walks, runs and home gym sessions into their days. Along with the added health benefits of a quickfire calorie-burning lunch, there seems to be a healthier personal/work life being established too, which can only be a positive for both workers and employers alike.

    With this in mind, Commercial Services Group has introduced a ‘Wellbeing Coffee Chat’, open to all its employees.

    Here they can virtually come together to have a friendly catch up with co-workers and aims to improve the wellbeing of our staff during these unprecedented times.

    We’d be interested to know how you’re finding the whole remote working experience and whether your company has put measures in place to keep you connected with fellow colleagues. Let us know!

  4. The rise of artificial intelligence

    As technology evolves, new innovative solutions are in development using artificial intelligence.

    The introduction of AI in the workplace will provide a gateway for workers to focus on the more creative and impactful work they do on a day-to-day basis –saving time and money by optimizing projects, increasing productivity and creating business efficiencies.

    In and around Professional Services the introduction of AI could make those simple day-to-day tasks a thing of the past. The introduction of this has been key to my digital marketing role making my everyday tasks much more time efficient and has allowed me to focus on more creative tasks to market for Professional Services.

    Taking away the need to manually post social media, platforms like ‘Hootsuite’ have allowed me to schedule my social media in one go and take the everyday need to upload a post manually. These forms of AI are the next chapter in the way business is transforming for the better, being able to give more thought and time into things that will really boost the movement of all businesses across the world.

Reflect on home working

The last twelve months have been like no other for us all across the globe, but it has shown how people and communities can adapt and overcome in even the hardest of conditions.

As we move into the final stages of the lockdown, KCS Professional Services is here to help UK public sector organisations drive forward into the future with a positive outlook.

Our frameworks and services are created to provide solutions to help you overcome your challenges, whilst making your new ‘normal’ easier.

Find out about all of our frameworks and services now: kcs4ps.co.uk/frameworks

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