Keeping Things Simple

KCS Frameworks: Keeping Things Simple

KCS believe that giving the best value is about more than simply price. It’s about how we can help you work more efficiently, giving you a positive customer experience throughout every step of the procurement process.

The aim of all our frameworks is simplicity: a simple start-up, simple usability, simple servicing and simple finance. Your equipment should never interfere with your day-to-day work; a photocopier is there to create documents, not problems!

All quotations start with a conversation with an MFD specialist who will discuss your requirements and what you need from a contract. With over 20 years’ experience and an extensive understanding of the industry, we’re able to advise the most suitable solutions even if you’re unsure of exactly what you want.

Due to the nature of the framework we must also remain entirely impartial and not give preference to any one supplier. Our only aim is to protect you against irresponsible contracts and to get you the best, most cost-effective and safest deal.

Once you accept a quote it’s processed and passed to the chosen supplier, who will call you directly to arrange a suitable delivery time. On-site training can be provided to ensure staff are comfortable with all aspects of using the equipment you have acquired.

You can contact KCS at any time during the process should you have any questions or need any support, and you’ll be invoiced directly by us, rather than the supplier, allowing us to check that you’re charged correctly and only for what you use. You will pay for nothing outside of the agreed framework.

Finally and, arguably, most importantly, whether you are purchasing or leasing your device(s), your charges will never increase over the term of your contract. This means you can budget from the very beginning and, with our competitive pricing, not only do we tend to be the cheapest upon the initiation of a contract but we are also almost always the best value by the end.

Tender processes can be stressful. KCS is here to make your life easier.

About Us

From purchased, rental/operating leased or remanufactured copier equipment, to digital duplicators and other print room equipment: KCS can supply exactly what you need, from the biggest names in the business. By speaking to KCS, you'll get the benefit of cost-free, totally impartial advice from a team who are dedicated to copiers and multifunction devices.