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In partnership with CDEC, BenQ present their range of educational solutions including interactive displays, projectors and digital signage, perfectly situated for use across your school, college or university campus.

The landscape of learning has changed and with it has the way in which students engage with teaching materials. BenQ has an extensive range of products which incorporate the latest classroom technology to help transform the way your teachers teach, and how your students learn.

Technology to suit you

Stop the spread

BenQ are well known for front-of–classroom technologies, such as projection and interactive displays but they have so much more to offer including; signage in your cafeteria, projection in your school hall, and wireless connectivity for your offices.

Getting hands on

For education institutions looking to integrate interactivity into its teaching, BenQ’s interactive touchscreen displays create an engaging and seamless learning experience, with the added reassurance of monitoring a healthy classroom environment.

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Pioneering a healthy learning environment with their exclusive ClassroomCare™ range. Features built-in to BenQ interactive displays include: Antibacterial display*, Air Quality Sensor*, Smart Eye Care including low blue light, flicker free and anti-glare technologies.

*part number dependent.

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Access Oak National Academy directly from your interactive display. Over 10,000 resources including lesson slides, videos and worksheets.

Download the free application from the BenQ Suggests Store today.

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Access Kahoot! from your interactive display. Teachers can create polls, learning games, and competitions to keep students engaged and focused.

Download the free application from the BenQ Suggests Store today.

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EZWrite software is pre-installed exclusively on all BenQ’s IFPs and is the ultimate annotation app designed to facilitate interactive learning with a tap. It offers features, including MS Office compatibility, handwriting recognition, video recording, a floating annotation tool and collaboration tools.

Back to School

Discover the classroom of tomorrow

View the latest from BenQ with their ‘Back To School’ campaign. Providing you all you need to know about BenQ education solutions and innovative technology to inspire your students, take your first step to building your classroom of tomorrow.

BenQ EdTech Solutions

Education Solutions from BenQ

Download the education brochure from BenQ to view all the latest EdTech solutions that are transforming the future of learning and teaching.

Driving collaboration forwards

This academic year BenQ are offering an unparalleled demonstration experience. Having recently launched its BenQ Roadshow, a double-decker bus fully-equipped with their education product portfolio.

Book your complimentary visit from the BenQ Roadshow Bus today.

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