KCS can offer a range of remanufactured devices from Ricoh UK. These Eco-line devices are remanufactured at Ricoh’s UK manufacturing plant at Telford to perform at least to the original specification.

The re-manufacturing process: 1. Devices are stripped to the chassis 2. All mortality parts replaced 3. All panels sprayed 4. All modifications fitted 5. Firmware upgraded 6. Total machine sanitisation 7. 100% factory quality assurance test 8. All counters are re-set to zero 9. Devices are rebranded and sold as a unique model 10. Full warranty issued with each unit

Both in the private and public sector environmental targets in the work place are becoming more stringent. Ricoh’s range of remanufactured printing devices can help you take a giant step towards achieving your environmental goals and save money, without sacrificing output quality of printed documents.

Providing high speed black and white printing speeds up to 75 pages per minute and colour printing at up to 45 pages per minute, our re-manufactured range of products offer productivity and functionality that covers all of your print, copying and faxing needs. Further still these devices fit into all types of office environments, whatever the situation demands.

Quality Assured

Reliability is a key research priority and each machine is subjected to a number of stringent tests in Ricoh’s UK factory to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Although the range is remanufactured, Ricoh apply the same warranty conditions that are applied to their new products, guaranteeing that they are constructed to the same standards as that of the new products.

Cost Saving

Using one of Ricoh’s remanufactured devices, not only helps to reduce your effect on the environment but helps you financially too. Product costs on average are significantly lower than new office equipment, ensuring that in these challenging economic times, your budget goes further.

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