MFD Framework Y17035 – Information, Benefits & how it works

KCS Professional Services lead on the national framework for the supply of Multi-functional Devices (MFD) and Document Solutions, Digital Duplicators, Print Room Equipment and Managed Print Services (MPS).

The framework is OJEU compliant and can be accessed by any public sector organisation such as Educational Establishments, Colleges, Universities, Police, Ambulance & Fire Services, NHS & NHS trusts and Charities.

Our internal sales team can provide you with a quotation from the four leading brands awarded on the framework or you can book a visit with our Business Development Manager.

We can offer MFDs under a rental, on a three, four or five year operating lease. Outright purchase of a device is also available.

KCS MFD Framework
KCS MFD Framework

Why Use our Framework?

  • OJEU compliant framework
  • No need to go out to tender
  • Safe terms and conditions
  • Competitive pricing
  • No minimum billing or hidden charges
  • Professional advice from KCS Professional Services & our contracted suppliers
  • Ability to direct award, mini tender or call off

What does our Framework offer?

  • Lease and purchase of new Multi-functional Devices and document solutions
  • Lease and purchase of remanufactured Multi-functional Devices and document solutions
  • Digital Duplicators
  • Print Room Equipment
  • Managed Print Service